What We Do

We implement digital solutions for teaching and learning in the education space



We have a vision of a borderless learning environment, where technology acts as an enabler to create an innovative learning experience inside and outside of the classroom walls. A transformative experience, where learning is personalised – students are active participants in their own learning and teachers are facilitators of the learning adventure.



We provide tailored learning solutions appropriate for the 21st century fully fledged digital natives whose learning capacity has been shaped by a continuous exposure to digital technologies while helping them hone their digital skills in a way that is valuable for the future of work.



Our cloud based learning ecosystem is developed in collaboration with the largest learning platform provider in the UK (Learning Possibilities) and Microsoft Corporation.

The LP+365 Proposition

Our learning management system (LMS) is a cloud based learning platform developed in collaboration with the largest learning provider in the UK and Microsoft Corporation.

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Our Services

Our uniqueness is a combination of functional know-how and deep industry insight. To support education leaders, we provide advisory, solutions and training services.


We can help you translate your vision for digital transformation in your school to achievable outcomes; we provide a range of tailored guidance to education leaders to solve their toughest challenges relating to digital adoption for improved learning outcomes.


Our solutions are built for teaching, learning and engagement in the 21st century, with focus to help teachers and students to connect, collaborate, create, and engage to deliver truly transformative education outcomes. Our suite of solutions are highly customisable and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.


We mentor our clients from our own experiences based on tried and tested, industry acclaimed methodology and best practice. Our training team offer a range of standard courses and we can also develop bespoke training solutions tailored to your specific requirements on journey towards digital maturity for your school.

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