Our children today are inundated with exciting stimulating media content from games, TV programs and social applications. These engaging entertainment formats seem to distract from important things like education and as parents and educators we battle to tear their attention from these diversions and ask our children to focus on a classroom environment that has evolved little when compared to the world of technology outside. Yet research has shown that children learn best and retain the most information when they are interested and engaged in their subject matter. So instead of trying to tear them away from new “distracting” media formats we are excited to harness these technologies to deliver interactive relevant educational experiences.

Picture this, a classroom where the teacher, with the help of an interactive whiteboard, a laptop and internet connection shows a series of video clippings to discuss the characteristics of the oceans of the earth… As part of a Geography lesson.  The students in turn, have tablets in the classroom, complete with internet connectivity, that allows them to interpret their understanding of what they have just been shown, using one of Microsoft productivity tools such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.  Once the students have managed to capture and present their findings, they can then post their individual interpretations straight away to their class dashboard ready for the teacher to review and feedback comments directly to each child’s own view of the dashboard.  To many in various countries around the world, that is the reality of learning for today’s digital natives.  For the majority of children across Nigeria, that might as well be fantasy… Not any more!

Microsoft Nigeria Education team, keen to showcase its commitment to improving education across Nigeria is working in Partnership with Dynamiss  to launch a powerful new learning tool, LP+365, that will enable the Nigerian child to be able to experience such a compelling and interactive learning process. Learn more about LP+365

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